Hardcore eCycles Mountain Tamer

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The ONLY hunting E-bike combining center drive and hub drive technology meeting the needs of the steepest roughest demands a hunter will run in to! The MOUNTAIN TAMER is designed for the Hardcore hunter to access the areas they need with stealth and pure power to get you there and back! The Befang ultra M61 center drive is 1000 watts of all steel gear power pushing from the rear along with the specially designed Befang 750 front hub pulling from the front generating unmatched power to get the job done!! Powered by the all new 52 volt 20 amp hour battery putting 35 miles in front of you between charges. The Mountain Tamer comes equipped to hunt, no nickel and diming for options that should be standard! Front basket, rear rack, headlight, tail light and hydraulic brakes included. If your hunting style is steep and demanding, the Hardcore Mountain Tamer is the beast for you!

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